About Us

What & Who is eXpose?

An idea among friends on how to get people to showcase their work to LIVE audience is how we got this started. eXpose the work of people to people!

To make something covered or hidden able to be seen.

This LIVE event is to have 3 speakers to showcase their work to a group of audience. Each speaker will have 60 minutes to showcase their work and a Q&A session. The objective of this LIVE event is to eXpose your work and the emphasis is on the work not the equipment.

We look forward to eXpose more people by allowing them to showcase their work (Photography, Videography, Arts, Music etc).

eXpose is run by the team over at Fotografie Haus, who focus on photography & videography for events.


Write to us

If you want to touch base with us, feel free to write to us: [email protected]