A series of photographs always have a story behind it, the journey taken to achieve it. We are constantly reaching out to people who are interested to share their journey, their story and showcase their work.

The showcase is not restrict to photography, one can showcase their work on videography, arts or even music.

If you are looking for an event to showcase your work, drop us an email [email protected] and we can discuss on making it an reality!

This LIVE event is to have speakers to showcase their work to a group of ticket audience of 30-40 people. Each speakers will have 60 minutes to showcase their work and a Q&A session.

The objective of this LIVE event is to eXpose your work, the emphasis is on the work not the equipment.

In this LIVE event, we will be using a projector to project your work on the white wall as this gives a larger view to the audiences compare to a tv screen.

If you are interested to showcase your work, it doesn’t matter where you are based, we can start off with a discussion and work towards your 1st showcase in our LIVE event.


Do I need to be a professional?

  • No, we are here to eXpose your hidden work to the LIVE audiences!

Is the showcase restricted to only photography?

  • No, we welcome you to showcase your videography work, visual arts etc.

What if I’m not based in Singapore?

  • We welcome you too! The whole idea behind this LIVE event is to showcase your work no matter where you are from.

email us:

[email protected]